"Acquaint yourself with this crusader."...Catch the Spirit of Appalachia

Barbara Taylor Woodall is a best-selling Appalachian author, and a veteran of the phenomenal Foxfire Books.  She is a seasoned storyteller, a 7th generation mountaineer still living in the north Georgia mountains, and a Grandmother of three fine young'uns.

Her critically acclaimed first book, "It's Not My Mountain Anymore" offers first-hand accounts of Appalachian living and became an overnight sensation.   Woodall's absolute authentic voice merges with moving stories to moisten eyes and bring laughter and reached a worldwide audience with appearances on British Broadcasting Corporations as well as national televison.

Light the lamp and drag up a chair. Learn all you can about vanishing Appalachian culture.  Heritage is as precious as life itself.

"It's Not My Mountain Anymore is my story of growing up in a seventh generation Appalachian family. It invites you into an intimate tale of a bygone era of sweet simplicity, the closeness of family, our ties to the land and the ways of a people who knew how to make life work under any condition."...Barbara

It's Not My Mountain Anymore


Following on the heels of her best seller, "It's Not My Mountain Anymore", Woodall couples mountain sensibility with spiritual depth in "A Time For Every Purpose." 

Her deep generational roots in the north Georgia mountains continues to shine bright in "A Time For Every Purpose" as she weaves the wit and wisdom into the affairs of plain living with Biblical principles to offer simple prescriptions for living in today's world.
 "A Time For Every Purpose" is a worthy addition to the little shelf that holds the Barbara Taylor Woodall materials. May it someday groan under the weight of all her insights and experiences! ...Eliot Wigginton, Founder of The Foxfire Fund and former teacher.

"Barbara has expressed in well-written, beautifully descriptive words who, what, when and where she wishes to spend her time within God's creation, using the oldest art known to man --storytelling.  This book is her crowning glory. I recommend it highly."....Amy Ammons Garza, noted Author, Publisher and Co-founder of "Catch the Spirit of Appalachia"


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