About Barbara Taylor Woodall

Barbara Taylor Woodall

“Acquaint yourself with this crusader.” …Catch the Spirit of Appalachia

Barbara Taylor Woodall is a down-to-earth seventh generation Appalachian, who tells it like it is. It takes strength to put into words what she and others close to her believe about what is happening to their homeland in The Appalachian Mountains.

It’s Not My Mountain Anymore touches in almost equal measure to all stages of Barbara’s life-it’s balanced and satisfying. Her absolute authentic voice merges with moving stories that will moisten eyes and bring laughter as she offers first-hand accounts of profound experiences and mountain living.

As a speaker, Barbara’s deep sense of humor transcends the underlying drama of her message. She speaks with the sincerity of one who totally believes in her appeal to the audience to take note of the drastic changes being brought to her homeland. Acquaint yourself with the personality of this crusader.” …Catch the Spirit of Appalachia

“Barbara is a great spokesperson. Sign her up!” …CBS This Morning

Barbara Woodall & grandchildren“Heritage is as precious as life itself. Without it, none of us would be here. My family and friends are honored to share mountain reality with you.”

Barbara is the first of many Foxfire students to offer published early accounts of life-changing experiences that touched many straying teenage minds.

“In the history of Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, Inc.–we have not had an author sell so many books so quickly! This testifies to the fact that word of mouth has spread about this well-written book which tells it like it is!” …Amy Ammons Garza, Publisher