North Georgia Mountains

A long time ago a group of mountain folks left North Georgia to work in a cotton mill in Atlanta.  They took their crafts, remedies, recipes and customs with them.  Joyce Brookshire’s song writing help sustain hearts that yearned for home.
"North Georgia Mountains" by Joyce Brookshire
Dogwood flower“Tomorrow I’ll be back home in my Georgia. Where the wild dogwood trees, their beauty unfold. I’ve missed it so bad, in my heart there’s a yearning for the simple existence that I used to know.   
North Georgia Mountains, I crave your protection, from a world that’s gone mad with power and greed. Let me live in your valleys surrounded by forests and give of your quiet for the rest that I need.
Tomorrow I’ll be back home in my Georgia, where the faces I’ll see are ones I have known. And the voices I hear will all be familiar. A sound sweet as music to one who’s come home.

mountain stream

Tomorrow I’ll be back home in my Georgia. I’ll breathe the fresh air by the cool mountain stream.  In the land of my youth, I’ll seek my redemption, for a past of indifference and a wasting of dreams.”…. Joyce Brookshire. ( Her music is available on Amazon)


Barbara Woodall is a 7th generation Appalachian and a Foxfire Book veteran still living in the North Georgia Mountains. It's Not My Mountain Anymore is her first book. It's about a place and a people who lived by faith between the sun and the soil. It's about hearts knitted to The Appalachian Mountains with golden threads and the things that really matter.