Appalachian Voices Review

Barbara Taylor Woodall, a distinguished writer and Appalachian native, tells the gripping — and sometimes humorous — story of her life growing up in the heart of the Georgia Appalachians in “It’s Not My Mountain Anymore.”

Woodall was born in 1954 and raised in a family that maintained a very traditional Appalachian farm life. From producing their own milk, to community hog-butchering days, their only way of life was to live off the land. While tending to the farm and family came first, Woodall’s father made sure that education fell into a close second.

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Barbara Woodall is a 7th generation Appalachian and a Foxfire Book veteran still living in the North Georgia Mountains. It's Not My Mountain Anymore is her first book. It's about a place and a people who lived by faith between the sun and the soil. It's about hearts knitted to The Appalachian Mountains with golden threads and the things that really matter.